Will it help your business if you have a marketing system that can:

  • Automate lead generation?
  • Rapidly grow your customer base?
  • Apply machine learning before your competitors do?
  • Achieve guaranteed marketing results?
  • Be implemented as a turnkey system with minimal effort?
  • Free use of our CRM for the first year

We are now in all 50 states

We’re offering 33% discount for the first client in each state


  • How does the Xineoh Mortgage Marketing Solution platform work?

      You contact us to create your marketing account on our user platform and set your marketing budget ($1 500 minimum per month) and fund your account via PayPal. We design and set up your customized microsite, and once you approve the microsite, we start driving unique traffic to your microsite. Your microsite will be optimized for conversions, which means that you will start getting exclusive, unique customer leads almost immediately. We guarantee that you will get at least 50 leads per month for every $1 500 spent on a marketing budget.

  • How much is the platform going to cost me?

      There is no cost to sign up, you can register and browse around our platform for free. Once you select a marketing budget and fund your account according to the marketing budget you have selected, we will at no extra cost to you, build you a microsite that is super optimized for conversion, which is branded and markets exclusively for you. We also provide free hosting and maintenance for your microsite.

  • What type of leads can you expect to get from our marketing campaign?

      The leads that are generated through our marketing campaigns are generally good quality leads, these leads are mostly currently renting but are looking to purchase a home by means of an FHA loan. These clients are generally serious about getting a loan with you, and they are not just shopping around for a low rate.

  • How does your quality guarantee work?

      The Company will refund $ 30 for every lead below the 50 leads per $ 1 500 of marketing budget performance benchmark. Exempli gratia if the Client selected a marketing package of $ 1 500 and received only 40 leads The Company will refund the Client the amount equal to $ 30 multiplied by 10 (the difference between the amount of leads generated (40) and the performance benchmark (50), the Client will thus be refunded the amount of $ 300.

  • Can I market other mortgage products through Xineoh?

      Right now we are focussing on customers who want FHA 203b loans because we have data on the efficacy of these campaigns. Should you have needs above this, you are welcome to discuss this with us and we can design a customized campaign for you to test the feasibility.

  • How will I pay for my marketing campaign?

      Upon selecting your marketing budget, you’ll be prompted to fund your account via PayPal. If you have selected a marketing budget above $ 1 500 for any month, and you cancel you order at any time before the order is fulfilled, the remainder of the funds will be refunded to your Xineoh account. A positive cash balance in your Xineoh account can be refunded to your PayPal or bank account at any time.

  • What are my legal and compliance risks?

      We are serious about compliance as we realise this is one of the biggest challenges and risks in the mortgage business. We act in conformity with applicable laws and cooperate in every appropriate way with governmental bodies. The advertising methods and language that we use are always, honest and unambiguous. We will never attempt to mislead the public in our advertising, we endeavour to market good quality products in an understandable manner to people who have the need for those products, and it’s that simple.

  • Will I be able to get out of my contract if I want to?

      We ask that you commit for only one month, with a minimum marketing budget of $1 500. After the first month, you can decide, month to month, if you want to make use of our product, and how big of a much marketing budget you want to commit.

      We will, however always give you the option of cancelling any contract with us by giving us 48 hours’ notice, if you are for any reason not satisfied with the performance of your campaign.

      If a campaign is cancelled, any unspent marketing budget in your Xineoh account will be refunded to you upon request.

  • Is my money at risk?

      PayPal guarantees that you will receive the goods and service you pay for or your money back.